Technical description

The bottles are transport between separate operations through special conveyor. They are order in one row and conducted to the unit which take the plastic film from botle neck off or they continued in other machinery.  

After that the bottles continued  to TERMA 10/04, the rests of drinks, labels and common dirtyness are take off with sprit of drinking water and they are ready for next using. Cleanness is achieved with mechanical, chemical and thermal treatment by using lye and injection bath.

Pure bottles are lead away with conveyor through surveyor for palletization. The surveyor PAST LIL check leftover liquid after washing. If it identified bottle with bigger rest of liquid, the conveyor is turned off. Operator take manually this bottle and turn on the conveyor again.


The bottles goes through transport conveyor to hand palletization, sort out on the paletts with short paper lead in five stock (according to contract). Then are the paletts wrap with plastic film around and ready for despatch.